Our Services

Project Managing (New Build Residential)

We have licensed project managers for your new build projects, ADL Group provides contract based project management systems which includes, a standard specifications list from ADL Group, a construction contract for terms and conditions, or if you already have your own thoughts of specifications and plans, we are happy to provide you with a no obligation quotation including our services, our financing solutions are tailored for a variety of clients, we package a contract accordingly to best suit our clients.

New House under Construction
Project Managing (Retrofits/Makeovers)

We understand how time consuming and frustrating to do up your home can be, whether its for investment or for your own self living. ADL Group can provide you with a range of renovation ideas and services, bathrooms, kitchens, extensions or even building a sleep out. Drop us a message and we will get in touch.

Construction Materials/Services

Over the past two years, ADL GROUP have successfully distributed building products into the residential market, our most renowned brand includes PinkBatts Insulation (New Zealand favorite insulation), Laminex NZ (provides kitchen bench tops and cabinetry boards), feel free to get in touch for a site measure and quotation from ADL Group and to check out what other products and services we have as per below. ADL Group provides a direct channelling market to end users such as builders, developers, no middle-men involved, so our prices are very competitive, tailored to suit whether its supply and installed or simply just supply basis.

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Design and Build Application (Custom Apps)

ADL GROUP is proud to bring you our latest and most recent building tool, the user friendly construction app, potential game changer within the Design and Build industry.

Custom apps is the brain child of Anthony Dengli and Joshua Carter. It all started with the simple idea of taking plain paper catalogues and integrating them into the new age of technology and smart devices. The world is experiencing an explosive digital revolution with the development of mobile applications which can be found in almost every pocket. Never before has technology been so game changing for industry and it will be critical for any savvy business to stay at the top of their game.

We have identified a niche market in the building and construction industry. We aim to develop an application to serve the companies which specialize in the design and build of new homes. At this point there is no other application available to put a full interactive new home experience right in a perspective clients hands.

Traditionally, someone looking to build a new home must go through the process of visiting a physical show home, communicating with a home consultant, plan selection, specification upgrades/downgrades. This is a very lengthy process which takes a lot of time and involves the client trying to conceptualize the finished home in their mind which is a very difficult thing for many people.

It is our vision that we can minimize this journey by allowing the client to put themselves inside a design via a fully interactive smart device application. All the traditional aspects of selecting and designing a new home will be made possible with the touch of a screen. This will be fun and exciting experience for both companies and their clients.

For all you design and build companies out there, feel free to give us a call or drop us a message, we can present our Custom Apps to you for introduction and demo, we assure you this break through technology will enhance your business growth and the power of direct marketing that much faster.

Home Staging

We now have a home staging team specialising in interior fit outs for your next house to market! Our team of spacial designers will be hand selecting the most modern or conventional interiors to lavish your rooms or offices, making it easier to sell and stand out to your neighbours next door. Furniture brands can be selected and brought onsite from some of our top brands such as, Freedom Furniture and Country Theme.

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